Religion Curriculum


Through the study of Religion, the students' progress beyond knowledge of precepts of the Faith to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Spirit of the Living God dwelling in each and every person.  From that awareness comes a deeper respect for the dignity integral to every human being and an acceptance of the Christian's role as disciple in the building of the Kingdom. 

At every grade level, the religion curriculum standards are structured in strands that represent the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: The Profession of Faith (Creed), Celebration of the Christian Mystery (Sacraments and the Mass), Life in Christ (The Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes), and Christian Prayer (The Prayer of the Believer).   


Profession of Faith (Creed)

  • I. Church

The students will understand that the Church is "the people of God" on earth and the sign of God's presence in the world today.

  • II. Doctrine

The students will acquire knowledge of the doctrines of the Church in an age appropriate manner.

Celebration of the Christian Mystery (Sacraments and the Mass)

  • III. Liturgy/Sacraments

The students will develop an appreciation of and participation in the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church.

Life in Christ (The Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes)  

  • IV. Scripture

The students will develop an appreciation of the Scriptures as God's inspired word.

  • V. Morality/Family Life

The students will form their conscience according to the teachings of Scripture, Jesus, and the Church, so that they can make correct moral decisions.

The students will cultivate a reverence for all of life and develop an understanding and respect for the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of sexuality.

  • VI. Catholic Social Teaching

The students will become aware of the fact that they are members of a global community and share a responsibility for each other's well being.

  • VII. Service/Christian Witness

The students will realize an understanding that as Catholic Christians, students have a responsibility to become actively involved in the mission of the Church as servant to the world.

Christian Prayer - (The Prayer of the Believer)

  • VIII. Prayer

The students will cultivate a prayer life; learn various forms of praying; be provided with experiences for various forms of prayer.


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