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All students entering grades second thru eight are expected to complete online math work designed to maintain and extend foundational math skills over the summer break.  Through use of the website IXL (www.ixl.com/signin/stmartha), students have access to a comprehensive math practice site with an unlimited number of math practice questions in hundreds of skills.  In addition to making math practice exciting, IXL is designed to help your child learn at his or her own pace.  The website is adaptive and will adjust to your child’s demonstrated ability level.  The site also saves all of your child’s results and time spent, so that student progress can be monitored. Students will be able to access this program during the summer as well as throughout the 2018-2019 school year.
     When your child logs into IXL, he/she should click on the tab for the GRADE LEVEL that they just completed. For example, if your child will be in 3rd grade this fall, he/she should work on grade level 2 this summer. Only exceptions: students taking prealgebra in grade 7 should work on grade 8; students taking Algebra 1 should work on Algebra 1. Students should work on a variety of exercises. I recommend cycling thru one exercise per topic.

You may email me at dscanlon@stmarthact.eduk12.net after June 25, 2018 with any questions. The school office will also have a list of usernames and passwords.

User Id: First letter of first name + Last name (note just a few students have the digit “1” added to their name)

Password: School ID number (6 digits) *Can be found on report card!

Expectations: During the summer students should spend 20 minutes a day reviewing math skills on IXL. Students entering grades five thru 8 are expected to spend a minimum of 10 hours on IXL this summer. Students entering grades two thru four are expected to spend 8 hours on IXL this summer. Make sure your child is logged into our IXL site by recognizing our red emblem to ensure that he/she will get credit for the time he/she spends on IXL. Thank you parents for your support!  

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