The cost to educate a child at Saint Martha School is $5,827 per school year. Thanks to

generous donations from our annual appeal, our fundraising efforts and other support we

are able to offer the following tuition rates to all of our families. 


Tuition Scale for the 2017-2018 School Year


Catholic Families (Members of a Parish) (suggested minimum $10.00 per week Sunday donation)

           Families with One Student                         $ 4,099.00            

           Families with Two Students                       $ 7,254.00            

           Families with Three or More Students        $ 9,155.00

Other Denominations or Not a Member of a Parish

           Families with One Student                         $ 6,003.00

           Families with Two Students                       $ 10,850.00      

           Families with Three or More Students        $ 14,988.00


Consumable Book Fee        $170.00

Annual Fundraising Fee      $300.00

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